Metal Casting

Image Metal Casting

Investment casting is used if, due to specific requirements, a metallic material is required.

Investment casting parts will be produced by external partners of PROFORM.


Complex individual prototypes and small series of parts; investment casting is especially important for jewellery.

The process

Depending on the complexity, size and desired quantity, different methods are used.
In investment casting normally wax models are used. They are produced either directly as high resolution wax patterns (Solidscape) or with a silicon mould made with a stereolithography model. Depending on size and geometry, it may also be possible to use a stereolithography model or a FDM-ABS model directly instead of wax. The models are embedded in a plaster mould. The original model is cauterized and then finally the metal is cast into the plaster mould.
In sand casting, a precise Stereolithography model serves for the repeated preparation of sand moulds, which are later used to cast the metal parts.


Common alloys such as zamak, aluminium, steel for medical applications, bronze, brass, copper-beryllium or noble metals can be used.

Technical equipment

Solidscape – waxprinter, stereolithography machines

Delivery time

1 – 3 weeks