Image Technologies


Stereolithography is the optimal technique to rapidly build prototypes or small series with very high precision level and excellent surface quality. The surfaces can be optimised further by refinishing work (polishing, coating). ...more

Vacuum Casting

If a small series of parts is needed or there are special material requirements for a prototype, silicon vacuum casting is the fast and economic technique. Transparent and coloured parts, combinations of hard and soft, rubber-like pieces or the overmoulding of parts made of other materials; in vacuum casting there are many possibilities. ...more


Prototypes, which are produced with the 3D-printing technology FDM, are mainly used as functional prototypes or small series parts and are made from the well known materials ABS, PC, PC-ABS Blend and PPSU. ...more

Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling is the perfect solution for larger numbers of parts in final materials (ABS, PMMA, PE, PP, PA6, PA66, PC). ...more

Metal Casting

Investment casting is used if, due to specific requirements, a metallic material is required. ...more